TMJ-TMD Therapy

Therapy for TMJ Disorder

If frequent headaches and jaw pain are a normal part of your life, you might want to ask our Airdrie dentists if you have TMJ disorder or TMD. During your exam, we’ll assess your jaw function and bite to see what could be contributing to your jaw pain.

Botox for TMJ?

Did you know that Botox isn’t just used for cosmetic purposes? It can also be an effective solution to managing your TMJD pain. The solution naturally relaxes your overactive muscles to ease tension and overuse, providing relief for up to three months between injections.

Don’t Forget Your Bite!

It may come as a surprise, but the way your teeth bite together play a huge part in the function of your TMJ. If your teeth are improperly aligned or the upper and lower jaw do not close together properly, your jaw must compensate when you’re biting and chewing food. Day after day, these repeated joint movements strain your inner joint and the surrounding muscular tissues.


Aligning your teeth and jaws through orthodontic therapy (braces) may be a viable solution for reducing your TMJ problems. Once a proper occlusion (bite) is established, your jaw can work more efficiently with less effort. Although the change is gradual, orthodontic treatment can play a huge role on your long-term comfort.

Consider Wearing a Splint

Some of us have a natural habit of biting and clenching our teeth together (bruxism.) It may be due to stress during your commute home from work, or even while you’re sleeping at night. This extra tension strains your TMJ and muscles, triggering overuse and pain. A bite splint can relax your jaw and retrain the muscles so that you’re not using them so much.

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