Airdrie Teeth Whitening Solutions

You may not have been naturally gifted with a dazzling white smile, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to feel embarrassed by the way your teeth look. At Airdrie Springs Dental , we offer viable solutions to help you lighten the shade of your teeth to make them look whiter than they ever have.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

The layer of tooth structure under our enamel is called “dentin.” Dentin is naturally yellow in appearance and can make some people’s teeth look darker than others. It’s most noticeable when the permanent teeth erupt next to baby teeth, which don’t have the thick yellow layer.

Certain foods, drinks, and tobacco products also contribute to tooth coloration. You’ll likely see darker stain the longer you’ve been enjoying things like:

• Coffee
• Tea
• Red wine
• Tomato based sauces
• Dark foods like blueberries or blackberries
• Smoking or other tobacco use

Although your preventive cleaning includes polishing away external stains, you’ll need help from our Airdrie dentists to lighten the portions of your tooth just below the surface!

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

We use carefully formulated whitening gels to penetrate the microscopic pores of your teeth, where tiny stain particles hide out. The solution oxidizes the stains, causing them to bleach out and lift away from your tooth surface.

Being that the gel is more concentrated than anything you can buy over the counter, you’ll typically see far better results in less time. Yes, investing in professional teeth whitening can be more cost efficient!
Whiten your teeth at home with a set of our customized professional bleaching trays, or request an in-office treatment for results in about an hour. Many people find that enhancing their smile’s appearance helps them to feel more confident and comfortable around others. Request a consultation today.