Ask About Botox With Our Airdrie Dentists!

As orofacial health experts, the dentists at Airdrie Springs Dental know a lot about your facial features. From fine lines around your mouth to chronic migraine headaches, everything from your bite alignment to your muscle tension comes into play. That’s why Airdrie Springs Dental is proud to offer Botox injectables as part of our comprehensive service menu

What is Botox Used For?

Most people know how effective Botox and other dermal fillers can be for lessening the appearance of crow’s feet or frown lines, but it can also help to relax muscle tension. That’s important when you suffer from problems like:

• TMJ disorder (TMJD)
• Chronic headaches
• Migraines
• Soreness through the jaws
• Bruxism/clenching/grinding

How Botox Works

Botox naturally relaxes the muscles in the area where it’s applied. That way, patients at Airdrie Springs Dental can experience less tension in areas like the jaw. Each treatment lasts approximately three months between applications.

If you’ve suffered from frequent migraines or are wearing your teeth down from grinding them together so much, ask our Airdrie Botox providers if the injectable is right for you!

We’re open late and on weekends, so it’s easy to fit in a quick application on your way home from the office or between your children’s soccer games. Request your next appointment today. Our knowledgeable and experienced Airdrie family dentists will be happy to assist you.