Wisdom Teeth Removal

Airdrie Wisdom Teeth Removal

Airdrie Wisdom Teeth Removal

The final set of adult teeth to develop are the 3rd set of molars; better known as the “wisdom teeth.” For several teens and adults, wisdom teeth never cause any problems. For the rest of the population, it’s not uncommon to notice issues like:

  • Swelling or soreness throughout the jaw
  • Crowding of the teeth due to pressure (even if you’ve worn braces in the past)
  • Decay or infection along the teeth next to your wisdom teeth
  • Cysts or disease seen on your dental x-rays

Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

The only way to find out for sure whether your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, is to schedule a consultation with our dentists in Airdrie. We’ll thoroughly assess your bite and take a series of diagnostic x-rays to see what’s going on under your gum or bone tissues. A panoramic film will show us the areas around your developing teeth and throughout your jaws, so that cysts or other infections can be identified.

Wisdom Tooth Consultations from Airdrie Springs Dental|

If your 3rd molars do need to be extracted, you’ll be thrilled to know that we offer convenient sedation dentistry right here in our Airdrie family practice!

Removing your wisdom teeth can help you avoid unwanted tooth movement or infections in your otherwise healthy smile.

Wisdom Tooth Consultations

The dentists at Airdrie Springs Dental will carefully monitor you and your child’s smiles during your routine checkups. Our goal is to help you pinpoint problems before they become painful or problematic.

If we suspect that your wisdom teeth may be in a position to start causing problems, we’ll let you know. In some cases, it’s best to remove them proactively before you experience pain.

Have you seen a dentist in the past six months? Are you experiencing swelling or pain? Request an appointment today! We’re open late and on weekends.

How Can We Help You Stay Comfortable?

Are you concerned about whether or not it hurts to have your wisdom teeth removed? At Airdrie Springs Dental , our licensed sedation dentists can help you experience the most relaxing procedure possible. Dental sedation is both safe and effective for in-house tooth extractions and other treatments.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the rest!

Recovering From Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As with any dental extraction or oral surgery, you’ll need to rest up for a couple of days after the procedure. Our dentists will give you a few directions to follow. Be sure to avoid carbonated beverages, crunchy foods, or tobacco products in the beginning, as these could delay healing.

We’ll show you how to clean the area and manage any discomfort that may arise. Please be sure to let us know if you’re experiencing ongoing pain or bleeding, as this would require a follow up visit in our office. Each of our Airdrie dentists are available to help, day or night.

Book your wisdom tooth evaluation today.

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