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What expectant moms need to know Part 2

Pregnancy and the Dentist: Part 2—What Expectant Moms Want to Know  

What Expectant Moms Want to Know Part 2. Maybe you’re a soon-to-be mom yourself.  You may find comfort in knowing, like you, many pregnant women have questions about their oral health during pregnancy. This is the second blog in this series covering that very topic!


Dental Work Requiring Medications and Pregnancy

Any dentist should assess your needs as a pregnant mother BEFORE administering anything. If they don’t ask you any questions before wanting to give you something, run, not walk, to the nearest exit and leave.

There are common medications used in dental offices, but all information is needed before anything is administered.

Any anesthesia administered will be minimal and stress on you or your baby will be avoided at all possible cost.

If you should require an antibiotic, it will be administered due to the severity of the infection. They will be prescribed to be safe for you and your baby.


Are X-Rays Safe for My Baby During Pregnancy?

Many x-rays taken during planned dental cleanings or exams can be postponed until after the baby is born.  There’s no reason to take any undue risks.

However, an x-ray may become necessary in an emergency situation, to find out what’s going on in your mouth.

Should that occur, you can find some comfort in knowing the American College of Radiology, American Dental Association, and American College of Gynecology all agree that no single x-ray will harm your unborn child. The dentist and staff should, however, take special precautions when using the appropriate shielding.


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