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5 Tips To Prepare For Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can send shivers down your spine. But you must think about the benefits you will enjoy after the procedure and make yourself strong. This procedure is primarily an in-depth cleaning of your roots. It will save your tooth from extraction and provide you relief from severe discomfort. Our dentists at Airdrie Springs Dental have come up with several tips to prepare you ahead of the treatment. Sit tight to learn more!

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy will be suggested by your dentist in Airdrie if your tooth is seriously infected. The degenerating pulp is removed followed by a deep cleaning of the affected area. The tooth is disinfected and secured from the risk of further damage. You might experience minimal swelling and pain. However, this will only persist for a short period. This treatment will prevent any health issues caused by bad oral health in the long run.

root canal treatment and procedure in Airdrie

How to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment?

Now that we have an overview of root canals, let’s move on to our preparatory guide. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal treatment is painless. The dentist will numb the area and then perform the procedure. So you can bid adieu to the fear of pain. You can still go through these preparatory steps to be in control of the situation and be aware of what to expect from it.

Steer Clear from Alcohol and Tobacco

You must avoid smoking and drinking alcohol twenty-four hours before the procedure. Nicotine can increase your recovery time to a considerable extent. Additionally, it might hurt the working of the anaesthetic that the dentist might use. Consumption of alcohol can result in a dry mouth and make it extremely difficult to perform the treatment. It also diminishes your body’s ability to heal faster. Hence, you must stay away from it before your root canal.

Get Adequate Rest

You must get adequate rest before the procedure. The more you rest, the faster your body will heal. Keep this mantra in mind even during your recovery period. Your body recuperates faster when it is well-rested. Therefore, a good night’s sleep will prepare you for the root canal as well.

Have a Fulfilling Meal

Eat enough food before the treatment, unless specifically not permitted by the dentist. You might not be able to eat after the procedure due to the effects of the numbness from sedation dentistry. This will hasten the recovery process and give you the strength to endure the after-effects of the procedure.

Prescribed Painkillers

You might be asked by the dentist to pop a painkiller before the procedure. This will help with the inflammation and also minimize the pain after the procedure has been performed. Discuss your medication options and get them beforehand so that you have nothing to worry about on the day of the treatment.

Discuss with your Dentist

Clear all your doubts regarding the procedure with your local dentist. Listen to the directions carefully and follow them word for word. This will reduce the chances of complications and ensure a hassle-free, smooth experience for you. Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the treatment. Your Airdrie dentist is there to relieve you of your anxiety. Discuss probable medications and antibiotics that you might require during the aftercare period. Prepare beforehand to have smooth sailing.

Now that you have all the tricks within your grasp, don’t waste time waiting. Book the best root canal treatment services in Airdrie, AB, and enjoy perfect results.