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Wisdom Doesn’t Come From Your Teeth…

Be wise and have them removed It is recommended people get their wisdom teeth out since they pose many potential problems.   Generally, this happens during the young adult years. For many, having wisdom teeth extracted is an easy choice.   But for others, not so much.   Are you nervous about having your wisdom […]

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Sedation Dentistry – Your answer to pain-free dental work…

With the increasing knowledge and popularity about sedation dentistry; people who have not used it want to know if it might be a good choice for them. And more importantly, is this a good choice for you?   People are asking dentists much more frequently, “Will sedation dentistry work for me?” The answer is just […]

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Smile Makers at Airdrie Springs Dental Clinic

Lots of people tell us they really want to fix their smile…But only some of them actually make the decision for a solution. We understand. Anxiety regarding the dentist and procedures we do every day can be stressful. In fact, the fear of pain is one of the greatest motivating factors on why most people […]

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