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Airdrie Springs Dental Blogs   •   May 2, 2019


Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Is it sore or outright painful when you eat? Do you have bad breath that mouthwash doesn’t cover up? Are your gums red or purple and swollen? Do they feel squishy, like a gummy bear? Do your gums look like they are receding? It’s very possible […]

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 4 – Infection and Cold Sores

With so many Canadians struggling with diabetes, this blog series on Diabetes and Dental Health, is providing a few tips on what to look for and some answers as to what you might do to help.   Obviously, the importance of brushing, flossing, and keeping your blood sugar under control is number one on the […]

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 3 – 2 More Signs in Your Mouth…

As part of this series on Diabetes and Dental Health the importance of brushing, flossing and keeping your blood sugar under control have been discussed. Here are two more signs you may notice and, when possible, what you can do. The first mouth sign many diabetics complain of is dry mouth. If you find you’re […]

Diabetes and Dental Health:  Part 2 – Diabetes Can Lead to Bone Loss …

Dentists get a lot of questions about diabetes and dental health.  In this series of posts regarding diabetes and your dental health, one top question has to do with bone loss. Specifically, the loss of bone in the jaw. If you were wondering if diabetes can lead to bone loss…the answer is (unfortunately) yes. Here’s […]

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 1 – How to Prevent Poor Dental Health

According to the website Diabetes Canada, in 2015 an estimated 3.4 million people have diabetes in Canada. This number is targeted to jump to a whopping 5 million by the year 2025. These numbers don’t even consider the additional 6.4 million prediabetics aged 20 or older expected by the year 2025. With that many people […]