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Your smile could change your life!

Smiling makes you seem polite, friendly, and capable. If you look sad, nervous or anxious, maybe even in a bad mood; other people wonder if they want to be around you. As simple a thing as a bright smile could lead you to success because in business, it gives coworkers confidence that you are certain with what […]

Airdrie Springs Dental Clinic Answers   •   August 2, 2018

Airdrie Springs Dental Implants: Your New Teeth Will Be Solid as Rocks!

Did you know that the hardest substance existing in the human body is tooth enamel? Reportedly, tooth enamel is harder than steel, but can break more easily. Even without breakage, there are a dozen or more other reasons why it’s not uncommon for good patients just like you to come in for Airdrie Springs Dental Implants. […]