Airdrie Sleep Apnea Solutions

Has your sleep partner told you that you snore? Do you find that you wake up in the morning already feeling exhausted? Have you been battling chronic sore throat or headaches? These are just a few symptoms of sleep apnea.

One form of the sleeping disorder is called obstructive sleep apnea. This condition is caused by the soft tissues at the back of your mouth and upper airway sealing against one another, blocking your oxygen flow. If you have a large neck circumference, that’s another sign to look for!

How Can a Dentist Help With Sleep Apnea?

At Airdrie Springs Dental, we can work with patients who are CPAP intolerant to find a way to enhance their quality of sleep. We partner with your physician or sleep doctor to see whether or not an oral appliance is a viable alternative.

Oral sleep appliances work by repositioning your jaw, so that your airway doesn’t become blocked once you lay back on your pillow. It keeps your lower jaw slightly forward, preventing the tongue from slipping back against your soft palate.

Depending on your situation, an oral sleep appliance may:

• Give you noticeable results as quickly as the first night’s use
• Allow you to stop using your CPAP machine
• Be covered by your medical insurance
• Reduce damage to your teeth and existing restorations

Schedule a Consultation With Our Sleep Dentists

Find out of an oral sleep appliance is all you need to sleep more soundly. Request a consultation today with Airdrie Springs Dental. Our trained sleep dentists will discuss what sleeping disorders you’ve been diagnosed with (or suspect that you may have) to see how we can help.

You’re not the only one who can benefit from an oral sleep mouthpiece — your family will as well — visit our Airdrie dentists for more information.