Sedation Dentistry Alberta

Sedation Dentistry Alberta

Did you know that as many as one in three people suffer from dental anxiety? So if you suffer with fear, phobia, or apprehension then you’re not alone. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Dental anxiety can be overwhelming. For some, this debilitating fear can delay necessary treatment and result in poor dental health. Here at Beacon Smiles, we know that this can be a huge problem for patients and this is why we’re here to help. Using various sedation dentistry Alberta techniques we ensure patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm when receiving dental treatment.

So what is sedation dentistry?

Dental sedation are techniques that utilize gentle sedatives to assist patients in feeling more comfortable when having treatment. Here at West Airdire Dental, we want you to feel as relaxed as possible and provide several options for sedation. Oral and nitrous oxide sedation are effective ways to reduce that anxiety for most patients.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

This quick, safe way to ease dental anxiety has many benefits. As you inhale the gas from a soft nosepiece, you will start to feel more relaxed. It has a quick on-set and produces little to no after-effects. It can also help to reduce gag reflex. As one of the lighter sedation methods, it helps to ‘take the edge off’ for most patients. The advantage of using nitrous oxide is that you can return to your daily activities as it wears off immediately.

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Oral Sedation

This method of sedation is accomplished by simply taking a pill. This is often called ‘sleep dentistry’. There are different kinds of sedatives that can be used for dental procedures and they all have varying properties.
A major benefit of these drugs is that they can cause little memory of your dental appointment. Most of the time, patients will tell us that they do not remember anything they experienced in the dental chair.
Oral sedation will cause you to feel sleepy and relaxed. Since everyone is slightly different, we will suggest the appropriate drug and dosage to meet your needs. In conjunction to oral sedation, we provide typical dental anesthesia or freezing so you won’t feel a thing.

It is critical to have someone else drive you to and from your dental appointment when undergoing oral sedation.
Remember your comfort is our number one priority, so if you feel tense, nervous, or anxious in any way before your treatment, then talk to our experienced team about dental sedation.

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Managing Your Dental Anxiety

It’s not unusual for patients to be nervous about coming to the dentist. In fact, studies estimate that at least 15% of the population has dental anxiety. Whether you have an extensive procedure or just a short visit scheduled, you’ll feel more comfortable if you are relaxed. Your dentist at West Airdrie Dental has options for you!