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Laura Thiessen

We have been coming to Airdrie Springs since leaving the city in 2007. Dr Ng. Has always been great. My daughter got braces in April 2021 and Jean has been fabulous. Due to unforseen circumstances, our appointment to get scans had to be rescheduled. This would have pushed her end date back. However, after discussing with staff that my daughter was so exceited to have the braces off before her birthday, everyone went above and beyond to fit her in and ensure they made this happen.

Lynn Kjerstek

Our family of 4 have been going to Airdrie Springs dental for 5 years since moving to Airdrie. It has been one of our best experiences in dealing with the staff in having braces, crowns, restorations and cleanings all along the way. They are very family friendly and make the special effort to ensure we are comfortable and at ease during all procedures. The office staff is most friendly and keep our finances and insurance claims in order leaving us all with little to worry. All I can say is that people really make the difference in any business and we always feel appreciated for simply being patrons. Thank you all!

Lisa Klassen

We have been a part of Airdrie springs dental for 8 years. Love Dr Ng and Jean. They are so personal and encouraging. Thanks for making both my girls experiences with braces so positive! 👍

David Hare

A-List. Highly Recommended. Exceptional dentists and staff - experienced, caring and respectful. Up-to-date on technology and equipment, many treatment options. They take the time to listen and take the best approach based on your needs. This is a well run dental practice. They send out reminders, return emails and phone calls promptly, provide estimates. Free wifi is available in the waiting area. Great location and parking is plentiful and easy. This is one of the best kept secrets in the community.

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Meet Our Dentist at Airdrie Springs Dental

airdrie springs dental - Dr Hubert Ng
Dr. Hubert Ng, DMD

Why You Should Choose Orthodontics and Braces Treatment?

Improve Dental Health

Improves Your Looks

Straight, Well-aligned Teeth

Easier To Clean And Maintain

Improving Imperfections

Prevent Tooth Decay

Prevent Gum Disease

Prevention From Tooth Loss

Brace Yourself and Enjoy The Ride with Airdrie Springs Dental

Why You Should Choose Airdrie Spring Dental for Orthodontics Treatment?

  • Fix Misaligned teeth
  • Fix Crowded teeth
  • Fix Spaces between teeth
  • Fix Overbite
  • Fix Underbite
  • Fix Crossbites
  • Fix Tooth
  • Fix jaw pain caused by improper bite
Choose Airdrie Spring Dental for Orthodontics Treatment
Candidate for Orthodontics Braces - Airdrie Springs Dental

Are You the Right Candidate for Orthodontics Braces?

  • You are self-conscious about your smile.
  • You tend to cover your mouth when you laugh, smile, or talk.
  • Your teeth are crowded or overlapped.
  • You have one or more teeth that are crooked or out of position.
  • You have issues with your bite—overbite, underbite, crossbite, or openbite.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best orthodontics braces in Airdrie, AB. Let Dr. Hubert NG, D.M.D help you own your smile.

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