Myobraces For Your Whole Family in Airdrie

If you or your child are looking for a treatment for Orthodontic problems that focuses on treating the underlying cause of the problems. then you might want to consider Myobraces Therapy.

Rather than rectifying the effect of crooked teeth as the vast majority of brace systems do, Myobraces work by addressing many of the issues that cause misaligned teeth in the first place. These include bad habits such as mouth breathing and tongue thrusting.

The science behind it

It’s been proven that in cases where children or adults breath through their mouth, or where a person’s tongue constantly slips past the teeth, the result can be crooked or misaligned teeth. Myobraces work to directly combat these problems. Designed to be worn overnight and for around two hours a day, a tongue-tag trains the tongue to rest properly behind the teeth, while a lip-bumper aligns the lips in the correct position.

The idea behind it is that if the mouth is properly closed and the tongue is positioned in the right area, then any cheek muscle pulling which is prominent throughout growth, is counteracted by a similar muscle push. It’s this counteraction that causes the teeth to grow straight.

So who’s the treatment for?

While it can be effective in adults, it works best on younger children between the ages of 6 and 10. Using Myobraces helps children to breath and swallow properly and can even cure other issues such as thumb sucking.

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