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How to Take Care of Your Braces

There’s no doubt braces can do wonders for your smile.  However, you need to give both the braces and your teeth proper care to avoid damaging either while you’re wearing braces.


It goes without saying…It’s important to brush, and floss regularly. Also, keep in mind, you should still keep your regular visits with your dentist.


In addition to this, the next most important thing is for you to be cautious of the foods you eat. Food has the greatest potential for doing damage to your braces. So, think before you pop something into your mouth.


Here are two things to keep out of your mouth when you have braces:

        Stay away from chewy or sticky sweets

Braces need care to keep from being damaged
Braces need care to keep from being damaged

Treats such as caramels, gum and taffy can get wrapped around and bend your wires and brackets. Also, the sugar in these treats stays on your teeth.

Stay away from hard foods

Hard or crunchy foods, such as chips, ice, and hard candy to name a few can snap a wire or bracket and break it. Obviously, this is something you want to also avoid.


When you have your braces put on, the dentist should give you a list of other things to avoid and instructions to follow. Make sure you listen and follow the instructions. If you do, the process of moving your teeth into proper position will not be delayed by having to fix something along the way.


Certainly, if you have any questions regarding your oral care during this time or something has bent or breaks, contact your dentist.


By taking good care and giving up a few things along the way for a brief period of time, your attention to taking good care of your braces will pay off quickly.



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