Your Airdrie Family Dentist

What could be better than having a local Airdrie dentist than one where every member of your family is welcome? At Airdrie Springs Dental we offer complete smile care for everyone in your household.

Preventive Exams, Cleanings, X-rays and More

Combat dental problems before they start. Our preventive cleanings and comprehensive exams allow us to intervene as early as possible. Plus, protective sealants and fluoride can help you or your child reduce the risk of cavities.

White Dental Fillings

Have a cavity? No problem. Our white fillings match your tooth, so that nobody else needs to know that you’ve had dental work done.

Crowns and Bridges

Restore or replace your teeth with our custom dental crowns and bridges. Each one is custom designed to mimic the appearance of your adjacent teeth. You can even have them placed over dental implants to replace one or multiple teeth at a time.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Need to enhance your smile’s appearance? Erase the signs of dull teeth with custom veneers, bonding, and professional teeth whitening.

Braces for Kids, Teens, and Adults

A straighter smile is easier to care for, making it less likely to develop cavities or gum disease. Plus, you’ll probably feel like showing it off even more! Ask about our orthodontic options and braces for every age (including Invisalign.)

Gum Disease Therapy

Don’t let periodontal disease destroy everything about your smile. Let us know if you’re experiencing signs of bleeding gums or bad breath.

See Our Airdrie Family Dentists Every Six Months

For the healthiest smile possible, we recommend that our patients with disease-free smiles see our Airdrie family dentists every six months for a preventive care appointment. If you have gum disease, you may need to be seen even more frequently. Request your visit today!