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Are Cough Drops Bad for Your Teeth?

So, the cold and flu season is now in full swing. You’ve got a whopper of a cold and are coughing up a lung. You’ve been getting relief from cough drops, but, you wonder, are they really bad for your teeth?

Let’s see…

Most cough drops are high in sugar. You do know sugar, in general, is not good for your teeth. Sucking on them only creates an easier way for that sugar to coat your teeth.

But this isn’t just about dental cavities.

Bacteria thrive in warm, wet, sugary places. This increases the chances of tooth decay, gum disease, and even yeast infections!

clipart stages of gum disease

We’re not saying to just ‘suck it up if you’ve got a cough or sore throat. Just one little adjustment to your choice and you should be fine. When at the pharmacy to get your cough drops or throat lozenges, choose a sugar fee option whenever possible.

Also, many times when we’re under the weather, the first thing to go out the window is our daily routine. If you have been sucking on cough drops, make sure you’re still brushing and flossing regularly.

dental flossing benefits

Making these two simple adjustments, get you the drops you need for relief while protecting your pearly whites along the way.

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