What Factors Determine How Long You’ll Have to Wear Braces?


People of all ages, just like you, are considering orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’ve lost some teeth and your teeth are shifting. Or you have crooked teeth and hate your smile. From adolescence to the senior years, you can get fitted with braces to improve your smile once again and regain good oral health. One of … Read More

How to Take Care of Your Braces

clipart braces

There’s no doubt braces can do wonders for your smile.  However, you need to give both the braces and your teeth proper care to avoid damaging either while you’re wearing braces.   It goes without saying…It’s important to brush, and floss regularly. Also, keep in mind, you should still keep your regular visits with your dentist.   In addition to … Read More

Wisdom Doesn’t Come From Your Teeth…

Wisdom teeth don't make you smart

Be wise and have them removed It is recommended people get their wisdom teeth out since they pose many potential problems.   Generally, this happens during the young adult years. For many, having wisdom teeth extracted is an easy choice.   But for others, not so much.   Are you nervous about having your wisdom teeth pulled?   If you … Read More

What You Should Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom tooth

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle   Here’s something you should know about your wisdom teeth.   Nine out of ten people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. Ouch! When there isn’t enough room for a tooth to enter the mouth fully, it’s referred to as being “impacted.” If left untreated, it may damage neighboring … Read More

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 4 – Infection and Cold Sores

young man showing cold sore - Poor blood sugar control can cause slow healing, especially or cold sores

With so many Canadians struggling with diabetes, this blog series on Diabetes and Dental Health, is providing a few tips on what to look for and some answers as to what you might do to help.   Obviously, the importance of brushing, flossing, and keeping your blood sugar under control is number one on the list. But there may be … Read More

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 3 – 2 More Signs in Your Mouth…

Diabetes can give you dry mouth leading you to be more thirsty than normal.

As part of this series on Diabetes and Dental Health the importance of brushing, flossing and keeping your blood sugar under control have been discussed. Here are two more signs you may notice and, when possible, what you can do. The first mouth sign many diabetics complain of is dry mouth. If you find you’re thirstier than usual, it could … Read More

Diabetes and Dental Health:  Part 2 – Diabetes Can Lead to Bone Loss …

bone loss in jaw

Dentists get a lot of questions about diabetes and dental health.  In this series of posts regarding diabetes and your dental health, one top question has to do with bone loss. Specifically, the loss of bone in the jaw. If you were wondering if diabetes can lead to bone loss…the answer is (unfortunately) yes. Here’s how it can happen if … Read More

Diabetes and Dental Health: Part 1 – How to Prevent Poor Dental Health

Diabetes can affect your dental health.

According to the website Diabetes Canada, in 2015 an estimated 3.4 million people have diabetes in Canada. This number is targeted to jump to a whopping 5 million by the year 2025. These numbers don’t even consider the additional 6.4 million prediabetics aged 20 or older expected by the year 2025. With that many people dealing with diabetes, it’s no … Read More

Sedation Dentistry – Your answer to pain-free dental work…

woman comfortably in dentist chair for sedation.

With the increasing knowledge and popularity about sedation dentistry; people who have not used it want to know if it might be a good choice for them. And more importantly, is this a good choice for you?   People are asking dentists much more frequently, “Will sedation dentistry work for me?” The answer is just about always “YES!”   But … Read More

Tips on Teeth Whitening

snowman teeth blackening cartoon

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono   But maybe you, like many others, don’t like looking at their smiles in the mirror.   It’s just not the white, bright smile it should be. The teeth are dull, yellow or stained and you’re embarrassed.   … Read More